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 How to Keep Your Silk Flower Arrangements
Peony Silk Flower Arrangement1 How to Keep Your Silk Flower ArrangementsEven artificial silk flower arrangements look better when displayed in a good container, so it is an important consideration to bear in mind. Some vases can be quite expensive to buy but that doesn’t mean that a limited budget should restrict you. You may even find some materials lying around the house that can make a practical and attractive container so have a think about what you have at hand. Read more »

silk flower arrangements Five Reasons to  Have Silk flower Arrangements at HomeAs years pass by, more people are into house decorations with themes and specific designs. Although lovely silk flower arrangements were not incorporated before. There is now a growing demand for it at home and for many large events too. Contemporary designs nowadays include flowers and plants to break the monotony and give delicacy and refinement to a home. Not only does it give quality and color, it becomes the ultimate adornment that makes any fine-looking décor become utterly transcendent.

While all these were previously ideally done by fresh plants and blossoms Read more »

Red Silk Rose Toss Bouquet with Bouquet Jewelry Crystals or Beads for Silk Flower ArrangementsIt’s so easy to just stay with the normal and boring flower arrangements. However, if you want something livelier and more dazzling, then opt for silk flower arrangements decorated with crystals or beads. Just looking at images of these floral arrangements, there is no need to point out why this is so much better than the ordinary and usual arrangements.

But how do you actually decorate the silk flowers with these crystals or beads that were mentioned? Well, we will get to that in a while. One of the great things about these creations is the opportunity to make the arrangements yourself. And this is cool because for one thing, you can save a lot of money like most DIY projects. Customizing silk flower arrangements lets you explore designs and colors that you prefer. This way, you can complement according to the theme of the occasion or the theme of your house or any other area in which you are going to display these arrangements.

What you will basically need are your preferred silk flowers, some ribbons to match and assorted beads and crystals. A tip however, do not get carried away and use a lot of crystals and beads which can make the arrangements uncoordinated, messy and not pretty at all.

To make a gorgeous bouquet for example, just make a nice bouquet out of the beautiful silk flowers, keeping in mind the appropriate design for the occasion. Hand tied bouquets are a popular choice for most. Then proceed to decorate with the crystals or beads you have handy. To illustrate this further, I will share a video of a very simple way to make silk flower arrangements with some crystal pins.

Silk Flower Arrangements:  How to Make a Crystal Bead Bridal Bouquet

Mini Calla Lily Silk Flowers The Value of Learning Silk Flower ArrangementsNot all of us are born naturally artistic but we can all learn, especially when it comes to silk flower arrangements. Floral designers just have this “eye” for flowers and uncannily can just tell which blossoms go with others. Some just seemingly haphazardly throw together different kinds of flowers and it results to a breathtaking arrangement. Well, if you are into floral arrangements and would like to be as artistic as some of these designers, you too can be just as Read more »

thanks giving silk flower a Silk Flower Arrangements For ThanksgivingEverything on the thanksgiving table looks absolutely great but for one thing – some festive flowers are missing to complete the gorgeous set up. When thanksgiving is fast approaching, there are so many details to attend to that somehow flowers can be overlooked. To avoid this mistake, ,prepare silk flower arrangements ahead of time so that when the much awaited event comes,  your table will be perfectly ready, complete with beautiful silk flower arrangements. Read more »

silk flower arrangements1 Silk Flower Arrangements To Remember A Loved OneWhen someone passes on, it can be difficult to fully express compassion and sympathy and many people let flowers do the talking for them. There are so many silk bouquets available nowadays that are made for wakes and funerals that finding the perfect one to represent your feelings is quite easy. Silk flower arrangements are ideal to give because they last for the time it usually takes to make arrangements for the funeral service. You don’t have to be concerned that the flowers will wilt and the incredibly professional ways funeral flowers can be arranged will ensure pleasing arrangements for the casket.

Silk Flower Arrangements Funeral Wreaths

silk flower arrangements 1 Silk Flower Arrangements To Remember A Loved One

Some arrangements for the silk flowers include casket sprays, silk funeral wreaths or floral stands. For the more creative, there are those available in heart shape arrangements, a cross, beautiful angels or some other character or shape that is dear to the deceased or to the family. You can specify what kind of silk flowers to use, the colors, and ribbons.

By creating your own arrangement, you are giving the family a personal message of sorts. Every time they see your lovely silk flower arrangements, they will feel the warmth and comfort you may not be able to articulate.

Need some new and interesting ideas to jazz up a major event? Check out these two light bulb moments using silk flower arrangements:

Silk Flower Arrangements Idea 1:

silk flower arrangements A Couple of Ideas for Fabulous Silk Flower Arrangements for Fabulous Events
Hire three or four birdbaths, put near the entrance to the event venue, fill the baths with water and float some silk flowers like lilies. You can also add some floating candles, but be careful the flames don’t light the flowers!

Silk Flower Arrangements Idea 2:

silk flower arrangements11 A Couple of Ideas for Fabulous Silk Flower Arrangements for Fabulous Events

Buy a straw hat and place it upside down on the table for a great centerpiece. Place damp floral foam inside (you may want to line the hat with greaseproof paper), and make attractive silk flower arrangements Read more »