September’s Dainty Aster For Silk Bouquets

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dainty flower september September’s Dainty Aster For Silk BouquetsSeptember’s flower is the dainty aster, which is commonly used to fill flower arrangements, including silk bouquets – like this silk roses, hydrangeas and aster arrangement.

This flower represents love, faith, wisdom, patience and daintiness and it is symbolic of valor.

In China the aster signifies fidelity and it is this common variety of flower that is mostly used in flower arrangements by florists.

In Victorian times, when etiquette did not allow overt showing of feelings of love or affection, the aster’s hidden meaning “Take care of yourself for me”.

The name originated from the Latin “star”.   One of the most popular  and beautiful, myths about the aster is that they were created from stardust.  The goddess of innocence, Virgo also known as Astaea, was crying over sin on earth.  Her tears fell to the earth as stardust, covering the land with asters which look so much like stars.

Asters come in a variety of colors including pink, red, white, mauve and lilac and strongly resemble the chrysanthemum. These strong flowers do not fade as quickly as many other cut flowers and are great in silk bouquets as filler flowers.

Chrysanthemum Flowers Are Great Filler For Silk Bouquets

The aster has a very particular composition – each of the blooms are actually a ‘composite’ of many individual flowers on Rose Hydrangea and Aster Silk Flower September’s Dainty Aster For Silk Bouquetsone head.  When kids pull the petal off one at a time, while chanting that childhood rhyme “he loves me, he loves me not”, they are actually pulling off a complete flower each time, not just a single petal.  It makes pulling off petals sound like such a destructive thing!

In ancient times, many people believed burning aster leaves would drive away evil snakes.   That surely makes a silk bouquet of asters potentially very powerful!

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