For Silk Bouquets Try October’s Calendula

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Octobers flower Calendula For Silk Bouquets Try October’s CalendulaThe flower for October is the calendula pot marigold (the field marigold), which is often wrongly confused with the general marigold flowers.  But the calendula is actually more like a daisy (in fact very similar to September’s flower, the aster!). And like the aster, the calendula is well represented in silk bouquets as a filler flower.

The meaning of this flower is daintiness, love and grace and the symbolism is around sorrow or sympathy.

Its name is of course from the Latin “calends” (the origin of ‘calendar’) and it relates to the calendula because the flower blooms at the beginning of each month, nearly the whole year round.

The hidden message from Victorian times is “my thoughts are with you”.

The colors range from all shades of light yellows through to deep gold and for this reason, and because it is edible, the petals can be added to salads and used as a replacement for saffron.  It can be used to color butter and cakes and Calendula For Silk Bouquets Try October’s Calendulapuddings and to dye fabric – a most useful of plants!

Not only is it edible, but it has healing qualities as well.  The calendula was, and still is, used to treat many ailments including acne, inflammation, controlling bleeding, toothache and soothing irritations.   It has also been used for abdominal cramps and constipation.  This flower is great for home remedies.

Calendula oil is wonderful for skin and making your own is easy.  Simply add dried calendula flowers (just leave them to dry a day) to any oil you like, like almond oil or olive oil, and leave for a few days before using.

Calendula Flower for Silk Bouquets

The calendula has many more uses than just as a filler for silk bouquets and is a truly versatile bloom.


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