june flower The Month of June’s Rose for Silk Wedding BouquetsThe most romantic and deliciously scented of flowers is the month flower for June.   Everyone will know the rose means love, hence red rose on Valentine’s Day.  But it also means respect, love and beauty – all fitting attributes for this most gorgeous of flowers. Silk roses are also perfect for silk wedding bouquets. Read more »

bouquet of silk roses Add Jewels To Your Silk Bouquets For That Eye catching SparkleThe focus of silk bouquets is generally on the flowers.  But let’s set that aside for a moment, because there are some other aspects to bouquets, particularly silk wedding bouquets that can add hugely to the appeal of the flowers and the overall occasion.

Of course, I’m talking about flower bling and decorative ribbons! Read more »

corsage silk flowers A Variation on Throwing Silk Wedding BouquetsA variation on the throwing of silk wedding bouquets over the bride’s shoulder, would be to gather the silk flowers together, throw them backwards and the woman who finds herself without a flower gets to partner the man who got the garter. To help this work out right, make sure to count Read more »

Wilton French Rose silk Wedding Bouquet Wrapping the Handle of Silk Wedding BouquetsThe last part to finishing off silk wedding bouquets is the wrapping of the handle.

Because she is likely to be nervous you want the handle to be as nice to the touch as possible.  Satin ribbon or something soothing and cool is a great idea.  Of course this is just as relevant for all silk bouquets that are being handled rather than displayed in a vase. Read more »

silk bouquets lavender rose Choosing the Color for Your Silk BouquetsChoosing the color of your silk bouquets can be more challenging than you might think. When trying to decide, it can be a good idea to bear in mind that certain colors are associated with different emotions. Try to think what you are using a particular room for and how you want people using that room to feel. Read more »

 How to Keep Your Silk Flower Arrangements
Peony Silk Flower Arrangement1 How to Keep Your Silk Flower ArrangementsEven artificial silk flower arrangements look better when displayed in a good container, so it is an important consideration to bear in mind. Some vases can be quite expensive to buy but that doesn’t mean that a limited budget should restrict you. You may even find some materials lying around the house that can make a practical and attractive container so have a think about what you have at hand. Read more »

silk bouquets Exceptional Silk Bouquets for All OccasionsPretty vibrant flowers can make most occasions burst with life and color. Whether silk bouquets come in simple or sophisticated style, it will still produce one outcome – a feast for the eyes. When artificial silk flowers are carefully and meticulously arranged, then you got yourself a lovely silk bouquets arrangement that people won’t able to resist but admire.

These wonderful silk flower arrangements can be accomplished even amidst the lack of expertise on your part. As long as one has the fundamental knowledge and the materials needed then it’s a step to creating a vision of silk and color.

Simple Method of Creating Your Own Silk Bouquets

  • Go through several magazines, articles, books and sites such as this to find out everything there is to know about bouquets and arranging them. Stocking up on knowledge never hurt anyone and you get to have a good background on silk bouquets.
  • Take a sketch book or paper and draw what you envision your bouquet would look like. Think of a theme in which to orbit your arrangement upon. Planning is important to get that quality arrangement. Think about the shape you’d like, color and how small or large you would want it.
  • Now, bring that vision to life by temporarily creating the arrangement. Once done, take the bouquet right in your hands see how it looks. Your focal blossoms normally the bigger ones, must be at the center of the arrangement and the filler flowers surrounding the focal blooms.
  • The wonder of artificial silk flowers is that you can twist and bend the stem albeit gently, to your pleasure with no fear of it getting damaged. So carefully bend and lean the flowers and the greenery to different angles until you get the desired effect. Cut stems and remove unwanted leaves as needed.
  • Now time to surround the stems with matching ribbon. From the bottom going up, tie the ribbon in a diagonal pattern nice and tight. Make sure that you have studied the arrangement from all angles and see how it would appear when you are holding it up.